Negroid Prime Checks Your Belief On “Seasons”

Negroid Prime is a Hip-hop trio currently based in the Mediterran island nation of Malta, with an international crew of members from the United States, Australia and Scotland. They’ve been working collectively for the past two years with individual member résumés dating back fifteen. They made their debut early in 2020 with the appropriately titled album, “Vol 1.” The group cites everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Rage Against The Machine and Muhammad Ali as inspiration. Their broad range of influences is representative of their wildly eclectic sound and the wide spectrum of Hip-hop flavor that informs it.

“Seasons” is the latest single by Negroid Prime, released November 24, 2020. The track mixes Hip-hop styles and electronic music production techniques to create a refreshing sound. Rolling on an old-school Hip-hop beat, the tune features classic 90’s West Coast-style P-Funk analog synths, Chill-hop Blues and Jazz samples and a late 80’s East Coast attitude. 

The rappers’ flow and the motivational/educational spirit of the lyrics bring to mind legends like Chuck D (Public Enemy) and KRS-One (Boogie Down Productions). Through the verse they run through a fun list of potential “beliefs,” ranging from alternative histories to alternate realities. Ultimately the message is all about positivity, “Whatever you believe in, you should rep that.”

The inspiration for this project came from watching the discussions about the U.S elections. There was a lot of battling from both sides of the political spectrum and it seemed people were trying to tear each other down instead of finding common ground. The song is a reminder that we all have our own beliefs, and while some might be more silly than others, at the end of the day we’re all one in the same.

Negroid Prime

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Negroid Prime on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

Negroid Prime