Rhythm The M3 Smokes Up In The Ganja Room

Rhythm The M3 is an aspiring Alternative Hip-Hop artist, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He’s been making music for a few years now, however 2020 has seen a renewed energy and output from the rapper. His sound is a cool mix of downtempo Trip-Hop and Chill-hop inspired beats combined with a sophisticated lyrical flow. He accounts his skills and success to what he calls “The Trifecta” of hustle, motivation and psychedelics. His recent single pays tribute to the latter while fully engaging the former.

“Ganja Room” is exactly what the title suggests. The track is a cool, chillout ode to the chillest room in the house. The psychedelic melodic rap pays tribute to smoking the Ganja. Rhythm The M3 tracks exactly the right laid back beat and instrumentation to match the ultra mellow subject matter.

The song opens with piano arpeggios and airy synths over a lo-fi beat. As the M3 starts to sing the chorus about “rolling blunts in the Ganja Room,” he introduces a downtempo Trap vibe. The song alternates between the two grooves as the versatile rapper flips between singing and rhyming. During the verse he creates a cool dichotomy between his fast chopping rhymes and the low and slow groove. Throughout the track low bass tones and ambient synths create the perfect psychedelic mood.

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Rhythm The M3 on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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