Sam Kaiser’s Meditative Folk Thesis On The Fleeting Nature of Good Things

Sam Kaiser is a 20 year-old aspiring singer/songwriter. Originally from Hong Kong, Sam now splits his time somewhere in the 7,000 stretch between there and his adopted home of Ontario, Canada. Although obviously a modern international man, Kaiser’s music comes from another time entirely. 

It would be simple enough to call Sam’s music ‘Folk,’ and it is. However the term ‘Folk Music’ can mean many different things to different people, conjuring images of artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Tracy Chapman or Beck. Sam Kaiser’s sound comes from somewhere deeper in the history of the genre. His lo-fi acoustic recording, deceptively simple lyrics and singsong melodies bring to mind the pioneers of Folk like Woody Guthrie or Pete Seeger. It is folk music in the very literal sense. It is human music.

“Good Things” is Sam Kaiser’s latest single, released November 13, 2020. From the opening choral hum to Sam’s lilting lead vocal, the song is immediately familiar and timeless. As he sings the first line “Why do all the good things have to end?”, we are instantly connected to this universally heartbreaking question. In this simple little 2:19 song, Kaiser has unified us all in the beauty and tragedy of the human condition. Time is fleeting. We are fleeting. So, stop and smell the roses while you can.

I wrote “Good Things” when I was quarantined… I just kept thinking to myself: “man, why do all the good things have to end?” But as I was writing it, I realized that good things are only ever really good or beautiful because they are fleeting… That ephemerality was the feeling that I wanted to capture here.

Sam Kaiser

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Sam Kaiser on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

Sam Kaiser