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YHMF Caleb Shares Trap Reflections

YHMF Caleb is the professional name of Caleb Emmanuel Pierce. He is an aspiring rapper, singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. The twenty year-old artist is just getting started, having released two tracks to SoundCloud so far. However, the story of the road he took to this point is an impressive one.

Caleb was raised by a single mother. At the young age of just four years old he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, a neurological disorder on the Autism spectrum. But growing up, he refused to let his diagnosis slow him down. He played sports throughout his education. He eventually graduated high school and now attends the University of Alabama. Caleb credits his family for helping him to realize his abilities early on.

“Reflections” is YHMF Caleb’s latest single, released to SoundCloud in November. The song is a laid back melodic autotune rap. Over a Trap beat with elements of Latin rhythms and Reggaeton bass hits, Caleb raps about the object of his desire. As he tries to convince his “baby” to join him, a Jazz piano noodles in the background. Occasional blues guitar licks and female vocal samples give the track an R&B lean. It’s a great sound.

Check out “Reflections,” above. And Follow the links below to connect with YHMF Caleb. Get on his Instagram and SoundCloud to get in the loop on all of the music this talented young artist has in store.

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YHMF Caleb
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