The Band Kris Call Out The Shallow On Their New Single “Bleach”

The Band Kris is the professional name of sisterly song writing duo, Jamilyn and Dani. Originally from Southern California, the sisters now live in Nashville, TN. They have been writing, recording and performing together as “The Band Kris” since 2014. The name is a tribute to their brother Kris who they lost to depression.

Despite the fact that they are sisters and look remarkably similar they say they are polar opposites. They use their differences as a creative advantage, “Jamilyn’s sarcasm balances out Dani’s sensitivity.” Over the years the duo has released a series of singles on multiple platforms. On their popular YouTube channel they regularly release live performance videos.

“Bleach” is their latest single. The song is a funky bit of Indie Pop. It opens with a cool retro analog synth bass. A Lo-fi Hip-hop beat, guitar and piano join the mix. It’s quirky little groove, and the perfect backdrop to the sisters’ catchy melody and smooth harmonies. The chorus opens open to a slick, radio-ready pop production.

Lyrically the track calls out a superficial suitor, interested only in the girls’ physical appearance. The title “Bleach” refers to the duo’s mutual decision to dye their hair blonde. It is a crafty bit of word play and a snarky sort of come back to the shallow among us

After we both spontaneously dyed our hair blonde, we started receiving a lot more attention from those same guys who used to ask us to set them up with our friends. We connected the dots. Essentially, our lyrics are mocking the guys who think we haven’t caught on to the fact that all of a sudden they are showing us attention after we dyed our hair. 

The Band Kris (Jamilyn and Dani)

You can hear “Bleach” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. And Follow the links below to connect with The Band Kris. Get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from these talented sisters.





The Band Kris on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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