Levandé Wants To Thank Yah

Kevin Levandé, known professionally simply as Levandé, is an interesting, international young man with a musical heritage. The Netherlands born, Congolese singer grew up watching his mother perform in the popular religious Congolese group ‘Makoma.’ By the age of 12, Levandé was making his own music and set off on the path which he still follows today.

Although he is adept at a number of genres, at his heart Kevin is a Jazz musician. Jazz informs his sound regardless of genre. Such was the case with the singer’s inspired 2019 debut ‘Quest Of An Architect.’ That record mixed Pop and Jazz into a smart, catchy and funky groove.

“Extension” is the latest EP from the artist, released November 20, 2020. On the new collection the singer takes his sound deeper into 80s-era R&B territory. An excellent example is the record’s second track, “Thank Yah.” With its African rhythms, smooth electric piano vibe and Kevin’s soulful vibrato the Pop/Gospel song brings to mind the great Stevie Wonder. Like Levandé, Stevie is a skilled Jazz musician who knows how to make complex musical arrangements sound simple and accessible. 

From its intricate backing vocal harmonies, to its smooth and melodic chord progression, “Thank Yah” is equal parts classic R&B and cool modern Jazz. Lyrically the track is a beautifully sincere and heartfelt shoutout to an important person or persons in Kevin’s life. It’s a great song. Check out the links below to connect with Levandé. Get on his socials and get in the loop for all of his future projects.





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