By Small Ruin – Rolling Thunder

By Small Ruin is the creative brainchild of Athens, GA singer/songwriter Bryan Mullis. The industry veteran and road warrior musician specializes in autobiographical Adult Alternative Rock with just a touch of a Country lean, reflecting the artist’s Southern roots. Mullis has traveled the world and now recounts what he has seen in his songs.

Readers of The Static Dive have been following BSR all year as Mullis has produced a remarkable output of radio-ready singles. With albums dating back a decade, in 2020 the band has released eight singles so far and show no signs of slowing down.

“Rolling Thunder” is the latest single from By Small Ruin, released October 16, 2020. The song finds Bryan in top form as a singer, songwriter and guitarist. With his signature smooth vocals and universally relatable lyrics he tells the tale of an intensely romantic relationship. The track rides on a driving Alt-Pop backbeat rhythm with the edges painted by classic Alt-Rock guitars. 

This song is about a deep infatuation relationship I had where it was all encompassing – especially at the beginning. After a short time, I was convinced that I could not live without this girl. It’s scary when you get to that point – to realize how much power your partner has to make or break your world with their actions.   

Bryan Mullis (By Small Ruin)

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