Donavan High’s New Wellness Podcast “Daily Guided Meditation”

Donavan High is a healing instructor based in Los Angeles, California. With a focus on internal wellness, his philosophy as a teacher is to grow and learn together with his students. He recently launched a “Daily Guided Meditation” podcast with the stated goal, “to use the light within us to live happy lives.”

I tuned into the most recent episode of the podcast, entitled “Consuming Light.” Over the course of 25 minutes he examines consumption in its many forms. He discusses the benefits of veganism and shares insightful observations about the negative impact meat consumption has on ourselves and our world. Donavan focuses as much on the spiritual and psychological impact as he does on the physical. 

He does not limit the concept of “consumption” to those things that we put into our physical bodies, massage, and also the visual and auditory inputs we consume. Donavan looks at the effect of violent media on our psyches and our souls. He ponders the spiritual effects of living a “hard” and violent life.

As an instructor, Donavan High has a laid back and familiar conversational style. His podcast is available on Google, Spotify, and Apple as “Daily Guided Meditation.” Additionally he deals in wellness products and even conducts virtual yoga sessions. Follow the links below to connect with Donavan High, or send him an email at donavanhigh@gmail.com 

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Daily Guided Meditation Podcast

Donavan High
Donavan High