Misterium Whisper – Poetry And Conversation With December

Misterium Whisper - Poetry And Conversation With December 1

Misterium Whisper first appeared here on The Static Dive in November upon the release of “We Came and Went.” That song introduced us to the solo project of Italian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Leo Irsara. An artistic free spirit, he has created his own space in Indie Rock.

With vintage instruments and a classic DIY aesthetic, Leo follows a great tradition of singer/songwriters. It’s a tradition of narrative, Lo-fi, guitar driven, brainy Folk/Rock pioneered by Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground. It’s a place where poetry meets Rock & Roll.

“December” is Misterium Whisper’s latest single and video, released December 12, 2020. The song recounts a conversation between the narrator and the month of December itself. In his own signature style, Leo colors his story with visual imagery and a casual, conversational tone. A mellow Indie-Rock groove accompanies him as he and December have their poetic and metaphysical discussion. It is a beautiful and slightly psychedelic setting.

I wrote this song in December and I wanted to create a dialogue between me and this month, as if December were a nice person I interact with, and as if I were making confessions and questions to someone who can hear and listen to me. I tried to somehow make him a kind of friend and counselor.

Leon Irsara (Misterium Whisper)

Watch the video for “December,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Misterium Whisper. Stay in the know on all of Leo’s current and future projects.

“December, white and free you are the month that divides the past with the future. You are the last wish of the year divided between hope and regret. You are the snow that falls frozen to give life to a new Spring. I dedicate this song to you.” – Leo Irsara




Misterium Whisper on the Deep Indie Dive playlist

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