JRell302 Juggles Past And Future On The New “None!”

JRell302 is an aspiring Hip-hop artist from Wilmington, Delaware. The 20 year-old rapper debuted four years ago, first with a series of singles released on SoundCloud. Since then he has dropped dozens more tracks on all streaming services, including his “Kid Kazama” series of albums. He released the 11 track volume 3 earlier this year.

The artist is currently studying as a sophomore at Albright College, majoring in Music Industry Studies. As he learns the ins and outs of the business, he is also working to rise above the circumstances of his youth and enter a new phase of his own development as both a man and an artist. We can hear the battle between the opposing forces of past and future played out in his new single.

“None!” is the latest track from JRell302, released December 27, 2020. The song is an emotional Emo Trap groove. Over low and slow downtempo beat, an ominous minor key backing track of piano and acoustic guitar set a dramatic tone for JRell302’s confessional and heartfelt rhymes. He raps and sings about facing his past for what it is and trying to break free from negative patterns of behaviour.

This drop embodies the transition I’m making from my teenage years to my young adulthood. I personally embody that through talking about loving my gang and accepting my own presence. 


You can hear “None!” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. The track is also available on all major streaming services. Click the links below to connect with JRell302. Get on his socials and follow him as he moves into a new era in his music and life.





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