miKELEisgood Debuts With Hope For Us All

miKELEisgood is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Milan, Italy and now living in Tel-Aviv Israel. The mononymous internationalist is a singer, songwriter, record producer and mixing engineer with a vast musical background as a performer and as a student of music production and sound engineering. Passionate about Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Reggae, Blues and Jazz, his musical influences are vast and inform the many facets of his style.

Through his travels and studies miKELEisgood has participated in several ambitious musical projects. He has performed in numerous concerts in Italy and Israel and has spent years studying, exploring, experimenting and composing his songs. This year, he is ready.

“Hopes Up” is the debut single from miKELEisgood, released January 1, 2021 to all major streaming services. The song is a heartbreakingly hopeful view of the here and now, with an optimistic eye toward the future. The track opens with a lo-fi Hip-hop beat and sampled news reports of COVID-19 devastation across the world. As a jazzy guitar and funk bass groove slides into the mix, he sings “I’ll keep my hopes up.”

Through the next 2:51 seconds he drops a soulful monologue, singing and rapping the message we all need to hear and remind ourselves. Things are going to change. There will be a better day. You can hear “Hopes Up” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with miKELEisgood. Get on his socials and stay in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented up and coming artist.






miKELEisgood on the Deep Indie Dive playlist