Isaiah Mclaughlin’s New Experimental Pop – “Narcissist”

Isaiah Mclaughlin is an up and coming America singer, songwriter and producer. The independent artist first debuted onto the scene in 2019 upon the release of his single “Venom.” That song introduced his unique brand of experimental Dark Pop. In the two years since, the prolific Alternative Electronic artist has released the single “Cannibal” and three six song EPs. 

Each new record explores a different avenue of the wildly creative niche Isaiah Mclaughlin has carved out for himself. Fans have taken notice of his distinctive style and exploratory approach to Pop music. Many of his songs count their streams in the tens of thousands and he currently entertains 4000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He has achieved all of this so far without any support or collaboration. Isaiah has written, performed and produced all of his music entirely on his own.

“Narcissist” is the latest EP from Isaiah Mclaughlin, released on January 2, 2021 to all major streaming services. The six song collection finds the artist taking a look at life, his own and those of the people around him. From the opening ambient sounds and driving beat of “At Night” to layers of hypnotic vocal harmonies at the close of the title track, the songwriter pairs retro electronic sounds with an avant-garde Pop sense and lyrical examinations of people and their motives.

The songs on “Narcissist” function together each as components of a cohesive whole. At the heart of this record’s experimental vibe is Isaiah’s creative instrumental mix of driving 808 drum beats with atmospheric sounds, paired with an adventurous exploration of Pop melodies and vocal techniques. As a singer, he constructs an oddly familiar yet completely unique scene. Imagine if Prince were to make an alum with legendary Art-Pop musician and performance artist, Laurie Anderson. It might sound something like “Narcissist.”

Each track on the record works within that framework yet still manages to push the envelope in its own unique way. “Like A Witch” is a particularly creative high point with its cool use of vocal samples in the melodic and rhythmic structure of the song. Songs like “Shy Boy” and “Have You Ever Wondered?” feature the writer’s inquisitive lyrical themes set to psychedelic soundscapes. Throughout the EP, the singer experiments with Pop melodies, complex harmonies and tech-savvy electronic vocal modulation.

On this EP, I wanted to display my vocal capabilities from exploring my lower register and higher register simultaneously throughout this whole EP. 

Isaiah Mclaughlin

Check out “Narcissist,” below. You can also hear the song “Like a Witch” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Isaiah Mclaughlin and join him on his musical explorations.





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