Lauren Nikohl And The Beautiful Karma

Lauren Nikohl

We first heard from Lauren Nikohl in October of last year, when we featured her Indie-Pop/Lo-fi/Soul/Funk single “Grateful For This Day.” With that song we were introduced to a spiritually enlightened and vocally gifted singer and songwriter from Los Angeles (by way of Minnesota). With her first notes on that first single it was clear that she really knew how to sing.

Lauren Nikohl’s latest single, “Karma” was released January 1, 2021. This time the singer is collaborating with experimental and mysterious multi-genre producer, Kaysinners. The song originally appeared on Kaysinners’ 2018 album, “Hybrid.” The duo recently decided to take another look at the track. A new single and video soon followed.

“Karma” explores Hindu and Taoist notions of universal balance and the innate value of life. The song views our modern world through that lens. What it sees is our collective obsession with fame and frivolity. The story is told from three perspectives; the primary narrator, the adored celebrity, and the adoring fans. Lauren gives life to each role with that beautiful voice, which alternates between powerful soul and subtle grace.

The song is about the inherent value of all life no matter what our material successes are, and our ability to create our own destinies.

Lauren Nikohl

Musically, Kaysinners creates an atmosphere of ambient synths, ethereal guitar, a heartbeat kick drum and the ticking of time. The production is beautiful. The instrumentation is lush yet the horizon is expansive, leaving a universe in which Lauren can sing.

Check out the video for “Karma,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Lauren Nikohl, it may do your soul some good.






Lauren Nikohl on the Deep Indie Chill playlist