Min the Universe’s Exciting Reanimation Of Westworld

Min the Universe

Min the Universe is a New York City based EDM producer who made his debut in 2020. Although new to the electronic scene, Min is a lifelong musician who cut his teeth playing guitar in Alternative Rock and Metal bands. With stories of low budget Grunge clubs and hardcore Metal mosh pits, he enters the world of electronic music determined to carry that same energy forward. He also brings with him the experiences of a nomad international life, having traveled from Shanghai to Liverpool and Atlanta to NYC.

His early singles “Enter the Portal” and “Find Your Summer” connected with listeners, each counting it’s spins in the tens of thousands. On his new song, Min the Universe is taking his unique and energetic EDM style to Hollywood. “Westworld Reanimated” is the latest single from Min the Universe, released on January 22, 2021. The track is Min’s electronic reimagination of composer Ramin Djawadi’s orchestral Main Title Theme of the Westworld TV series on HBO. The original version uses piano and acoustic guitar to give the cinematic classical piece an authentic Western air. 

“Westworld Reanimated” incorporates all of Djawadi’s classic, cinematic flare into a wildly creative and futuristic view into the fictional and fantastical world. One imagines that ‘Reanimated’ could be the product of a hijacking of the main theme but the show’s robotic characters. It is beautiful at times and explosive at others, as the mix shifts back and forth between acoustic orchestration and massive Dubstep bass drops. It’s a thoroughly entertaining adventure for EDM fans and Westworld fans alike.

Check out “Westworld Reanimated,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Min the Universe. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this exciting new talent.







Min the Universe on the Deep Indie Chill playlist