Andrew Jahn Finds Healing And Love On “The Journey Within”

Andrew Jahn is a singer, songwriter and composer from Ontario, Canada who uses music as a vehicle for healing. His latest project, “The Journey Within” is a six song examination of the grieving process. The record takes us through a rollercoaster of emotions on the path to wellness. Along the way we learn about Andrew’s own struggles as he helps guide us through our own.

At the age of 17, Jahn was misdiagnosed with “schizoaffective disorder.” An unneeded and intense regimen of medications followed and led to multiple health problems. A decade later, Andrew now helps others cope with hardships like those he endured. During his recovery process he founded the music studio 8va where he provided music lessons, primarily focusing on those with learning challenges. In 2020 he launched his career as a singer/songwriter with a series of singles and the same altruistic intent. 

The Journey Within,” released on January 8, 2021, is a compilation of those first three singles along with three additional tracks. The record pairs Andrew’s keen Pop sensibilities and compositional skill with emotional themes of hope, sorrow, grief and joy. Through the course of the EP, Andrew climbs his way out of a prison of anxiety and offers help to others who may be suffering. 

Tracks like “Twisted” find the singer at his most introspective and lowest emotional point. He struggles to make sense of the cruelty of others. Elsewhere, as on tracks like “Free” and “Still Here (Where Are You Fear?)” Andrew is still hurting, but he has found the resilience to push through. Resolute and defiant, he sings, “Where are you, fear? I’m still here.” Ultimately, on “Choose Hope” and “Love Sees Through” he gives guidance from his lessons learned. He has come out the other side and offers sage advice borne of hard learned life lessons.

Musically, “The Journey Within” pairs Andrew Jahn’s smooth Pop tenor with some expert piano performances. The songs are painted in the various shades of electronic Pop, dance and Adult Contemporary music. Jahn ironically sets some of the darkest songs to upbeat rhythms, as on the Latin-infused “In the Night” and the EDM beats of “Twisted.” Elsewhere he produces sweeping cinematic arrangements of ambient synths and strings set to emotional piano ballads. In all instances, he delivers powerful emotional performances.

Listen to check out the lyric video for “Choose Hope,” below. You can also hear the song “Twisted” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And listen to the entire EP on Spotify. Follow the links below to connect with Andrew Jahn and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented young artist.







Andrew Jahn on the Deep Indie Beat playlist

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