Liberty_C’s Timeless and Timely “Time to Grow”

Liberty_C. is the professional name of singer, pianist and songwriter Katja Cruz. A native of Austria, Cruz began her musical training at just 5 years-old. However, the young artist had many creative interests. In her early years she focused her energies on the visual/fine arts. Many of her sculptures about the music of Schönberg, Berg, and Webern are still on display at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts in her hometown of Graz. Ultimately though, music showed itself as Katja’s true calling and she now devotes herself to her songs.

The singer made her international debut as Liberty_C in 2020 with the three singles. A wildly creative and eclectic artist, her songs range from Adult Contemporary (“Baby I Miss You”) to 80’s New Wave (“I Win This Game”) and Nina Simone-style vocal/piano Jazz (“I’m Complete”). As a writer she is insightful and passionate, singing of personal empowerment, female dignity and the need for universal human compassion and love. Her positivity, avant-garde style and theatrical flare are infectious, and a lot of fun.

“Time to Grow” is the latest single from Liberty_C, released to all major streaming services on January 6, 2021. The song is Katja’s first collaboration with artist and producer Boris Schnelzer who accompanies the pianist and singer on bass guitar. The track has a groovy downtempo Jazz Pop vibe. Stylistically it has a timeless quality, marrying “Lucy in the Sky” keys with a modern Lo-fi beat and a smooth, laidback bass.

Katja’s vocals and piano bring to mind the soulful, classic 70’s Pop of Carole King. It’s a beautiful sound from a talented and emotive performer. Lyrically the song reads like a hopeful message to the world. Directly inspired by the impossible year we have just endured, and the difficult times that continue, “Time to Grow” is a loving call to action. If we are to survive into the future, we must evolve. As Liberty_C says, “It’s time to realize the universe is old and wise.” Maybe we should stop fighting its flow.

Check out “Time To Grow,” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Liberty_C. Get in the know on all of this multifaceted artist’s current and future projects.







Liberty_C. on the Deep Indie Dive playlist