Galaxy’s Finest’s New Old-School Space Groove

Galaxy's Finest's New Old-School Space Groove 1

Galaxy’s Finest is a Hip-hop duo from Kentucky with a Sci-Fi vibe and an old-school style. The crew consists of Austin AcYd, a rapper who is consistently accompanied by an alien lifeform that often adheres to his face, and a human named Rocket. Each works regularly as a solo artist and they both have their own albums coming out later this year. The Galaxy’s Finest project is the sound of two old friends coming together over a mutual love of Hip-hop and Pop culture.

“The Pilot” is the debut album from Galaxy’s Finest, released to all major streaming services on February 1, 2021. The record is built loosely on the premise that two emcees (three, if we count the alien slug on Austin’s face) are out of money. Under the alien’s questionable guidance they decide to create their own sitcom. The details of how that will actually solve their financial problems are unclear, but it hardly matters. The story works as a comedic theme that weaves through various tracks and interludes on the 20-track album.

What really ties this record together is the team’s mutual respect and love for old-school Hip-hop and 90’s culture. From the analog synth groove of the ensemble rap “The Finest” to the nostalgia of “Recognition” the album pays homage to the decade of Wu-Tang and Cobain. In both subtle references of style and direct shoutouts in rhymes, Galaxy’s Finest pay their respects. The influence is clear in their style as well. Throughout the record they pair samples from 90’s pop culture staples like the X-Files (“Scully & Mulder Mania”) and Metallica (“Prisoner of the Mind”) with old-school breakbeats and bass tracks. 

The sound is a mix of East and West Coast styles and they frequently throw their own psychedelic spin on the groove, with trippy backward tracks (“Titanic2: Jack’s Revenge”) and random references to hallucinogenic drugs. The creative production is a great match to the overall Sci-fi theme of the record, as are the rappers’ frequent references to classic Sci-fi characters on tracks like “Master Droppah” and “String Em Up.” The album also pays homage to the movie industry in its song titles (“Sleepless in Seattle,” “Monsters Inc ”), frequently sampled classic movie dialogue and in lyrical references to everyone from Jim Carrey to Jango Fett.

All of the comedy and creative cultural nods make for a fun record to listen to, but at the heart of the album is some quality rapping. The team mixes up flows and techniques throughout, sometimes chopping sometimes melodic and laid back. Some of the best moments come in their ensemble pieces in which the duo trades freestyle bars with guest rappers like Kace Cayne, Chino XL, Brando, PhatBuu, Doughphresh da Don and Celph Titled. It’s a cool listen for any fan of old-school Hip-hop. Check out the video “Royal Flush,” below. You can hear the track “Canis Lupus” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. And follow the links below to connect with Galaxy’s Finest.



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