Mystic Levello On God, Love And Goodness

Mystic Levello On God, Love And Goodness 1

We first heard from Mystic Levello upon the release of his song, “Be With You.” With that track, the otherwise anonymous singer/songwriter introduced The Static Dive to his unique brand of thoughtful, ethereal and melodic atmospheric Pop.

Mystic Levello’s music has a cool and easy feel. There is a healthy dose of 70’s Adult Contemporary in his sound. However, the implied spiritual and mystical quality in his songs give them a Psychedelic vibe. On “God’s Everywhere (If God’s Anywhere),” a lush arrangement of guitar, bass and cello expands slowly with the subtle addition of strings, synths and steel guitar. The combination of all the above brings to mind some of The Flaming Lips mellower stuff. 

Lyrically the song is a lovely meditation on the nature of goodness in the universe. It is an acknowledgement of the importance of keeping love in our lives, and of recognizing the beauty around us. It is a simple and lovely sentiment as he sings, “I was hoping as the years unwind, I could heal the wounds and find some time with you.”

The song is more about the spiritual aspect of God, and not so much the religious part…. About the comfort of knowing we’re not alone, whether it’s God, or just someone close to you that matters. 

Mystic Levello

Check out the video for “God’s Everywhere (if God’s Anywhere),” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Mystic Levello as his journey unfolds.






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