The Dowling Poole Brings The Social Media Noise

The Dowling Poole

The Dowling Poole are Willie Dowling and Jon Poole. Both are veteran in-demand British musicians who have worked in film, television and as session musicians since the 1990’s. Each has fronted his own series of popular UK bands over those years. In 2014 they came together to form the supergroup, The Dowling Poole. Since then, the vastly talented and multifaceted artists have produced three critically acclaimed albums as well as a number of standalone singles.

“We Are The Noise” is the latest single from The Dowling Poole, released December 20, 2020. Lyrically the track continues the group’s long standing penchant for socially conscious and sociologically critical commentary. The song cleverly skewers the public’s willingness to become active participants in our world’s problems. It is an examination of the role we all play in the toxic market driven and social media fueled environment of too much information and too few facts.

Musically the track takes its cues from across the spectrum of popular music, with intricate harmonies, riff-rock power and even a bit of bossa nova. The song shares an attitude and musical complexity with some of XTC’s best work. However, “We Are The Noise” rocks a lot harder than anything Andy Partridge ever played. If Living Color’s Vernon Reid were to collaborate with Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze on a cover of some long lost XTC track, it might sound something like this.

Listen to “We Are The Noise,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below to connect with The Dowling Poole and stay in the know on all of the current and future projects from this remarkably talented duo.







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