Midnightview Takes His Sexy Comedy To Video

Midnightview is one of the more eccentric artists we cover here at The Static Dive. The mononymous singer, songwriter, rapper and producer first appeared on these pages in May of 2020 upon the release of his debut single, “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up.” Since dropping that track the artist has released two more singles; “Frankie Segal’s Loft II (If Only I Could Think Of Something Clever To Say To Make Jessica Rabbit Laugh)” and “I Wrote This Song About You, Would You Please Have Sex With Me? (feat Lana of Mars).”

Three like occurrences establishes a pattern. In the case of Midnightview’s work, the pattern is defined by smooth Hip-hop/R&B grooves with intentionally, ludicrously long titles and comically graphic sexual content. He is a funny dude with an off-color sense of humor and real knack for making his oddities sound like Top 40 hits. The best part about the whole Midnightview vibe is that it works. He get the joke, but we also dig the jam.

Midnightview is currently dating an AI who is an identical copy of Natalie Portman. He promises not to cheat on her nor forget to keep her fully charged.


With the dawn of the new year, the sexy prankster has entered the world of visual media. On January 17, 2021 he released the video for “I Was One Orgasm Away From Falling In Love With You All And Then I Woke Up,” and it is the perfect companion to a song that sounds like P. Diddy reading erotic fan fiction. The video features very mainstream images of beautiful people in love. Meanwhile the artist provides hilarious commentary in the form of captions throughout the song. It is ridiculous, definitely NSFW, and a lot of fun.

Check out the video, below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Midnightview. don’t miss what comes next.







Midnightview on the Deep Indie playlists