EXCLUSIVE – The US Premiere of Lisa Li-Lund’s New Video “Muscle Memory Of Missing You”

Lisa Li-Lund – “Muscle Memory Of Missing You”

Today we have something special. The Static Dive is proud to announce the exclusive US premiere of Lisa Li-Lund’s brand new video “Muscle Memory Of Missing You,” courtesy of our friends at Pan European Recording.

We most recently heard from Lisa Li-Lund upon the release of her song “Janet.” That track was the first single from the French-Swedish Indie chanteuse’s forthcoming album “Glass of Blood.” We were drawn in by the tune’s timeless vibe and the singer/songwriter’s mesmerizing style. You can read all about it, watch the video and check out our interview with Lisa here.

“Muscle Memory Of Missing You” is the second single from “Glass of Blood.” The song and video are hypnotic, with visual and lyrical images of fading memories weaving a tapestry of melancholy and longing. As Lisa’s excellent band grooves on a mellow Indie-Pop tune, the singer walks us dreamily through her memories. Director Axelle Von Dorpp’s video is the perfect mix of the real and surreal. She visually captures the song’s brilliant and beautiful central theme, “Muscle memory of missing you has replaced the beat of my heart.”

Watch it here first! (above) And read Lisa Li-Lund’s own take on the song, the video and her fascinating creative process. (below) Follow the links at the end of this article to connect with the artist, and get ready for a “Glass of Blood.”

Muscle Memory of Missing You
photo credit Julie Ganter

Lisa Li-Lund on “Muscle Memory Of Missing You”

Recorded in Paris, with the same knights that are my band on almost every song of the album & produced by Guillaume Léglise. The chorus had been haunting me for years at night, and finally became a fully fledged song. I think its final shape has been influenced by the French musician Kim Giani’s music.

Axelle Von Dorpp (director) and I have a long-distance-artistic-relationship ever since she contacted me online during the first COVID-lockdown in 2020. She offered to make me a video with archive-images for the song “Your Words, Our World.”

The video she made for « Muscle Memory Of Missing You » is a sort of travelogue that we passed on to each other. Like a correspondence book for the two of us, where we collected our memories, song lyrics, ghosts, small pieces of us evoking this song that addresses memory and the longing for someone to replace the beat of our hearts.

We once again worked together remotely, I filmed my son on the beach, sent her images of my late dog, she entrusted her magical friends to shoot me while she was capturing images of a fabulous dancer as a ghostly stand-in for me by her side.

– Lisa Li-Lund