GOMUNKUL 6’s Cryptic New “Six On My Face”

GOMUNKUL 6's Cryptic New "Six On My Face" 1

GOMUNKUL 6 is a mysterious character. We don’t know his real name or where he is from… maybe the UK, maybe Ukraine? We know only that the rapper made his international debut on February 21, 2021. That was the release date of his creative and cryptic new single “Six on My Face.”

The song rides on a dark Trap beat produced by Clonnex. A sampled violin and subterranean bass hits set the scene as the rapper alternates between a deep, modulated chant of the song’s title and a single verse of chopping freestyle rap. His rhymes add little clarity to the equation. However, the whole vibe works and makes for a darkly entertaining track. We did receive some biographical information from the emcee. However, like his song, the information introduces more questions than answers.

God? Human that becomes God?
Generally mad, but intelligent.
In the same time has demonic energy and look.
Handsome. Stylish. Preferring dark tones:
purple, black, dark blue, yellow.. maybe orange.
Has tattoos with strong metamagical meaning.
Thinks metamagically. Likes to talk about himself, his goals. Very self confident. Knows about pain… felt pain many times. Always alone. In his head. Has friends, but he doesn’t ally himself with friends. In some way he is using them.

Doesn’t interested in sexual stuff in general.
Thinks it is cool, but generally waste of time.
Knows about drugs. Smoking weed on an everyday basis.
Generally spiritual. Doesn’t like meditation,
wants to do astral projection.
Wants to continue XXX goals but has his own goals.
Seeks knowledge.


Dig in to “Six on My Face,” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with GOMUNKUL 6. Get on his profiles and follow along as the mystery unfolds.




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