Galexi Explore A New Inner Landscape

GALEXI is a modern Electronic Music duo specializing in chill Downtempo and Trip-hop grooves that connect the inner soul to outer space and beyond. Although they are currently based in Portland, Oregon the group has otherworldly origins. Jo Alexis (“The Priestess”) and Alexander Johnson (“The Scientist”) have traveled across the cosmos to our little blue marble from their home planet Issia, “where sound waves instantaneously heal the body with love.”

The intergalactic musical twosome made a name for themselves in 2020 via their YouTube channel and a popular cover of the Pink Floyd classic “Us and Them.” Their sound combines the organic downbeat grooves of Trip-hop with ambient electronic soundscapes. The Scientist’s über chill beats, paired with The Priestess’ ethereal vocals create a hypnotic Sci-fi mood. It is the perfect marriage of the classic 90’s Trip-hop vibe of artists like Morcheeba and Björk with the futuristic and healing sounds of Issia. 

On March 12, Galexi will release their brand new single “Landscape.” The song is a beautiful, meditative and introspective exploration of the hypnagogic mind. The band describes the track as an introspective and sultry ode to the tenuous boundary between life and death. The Scientist says, “We wrote this song as an ode to Massive Attack’s classic, “Teardrop.” 

“Landscape” will be available everywhere on March 12. Until then, follow the links below to connect with Galexi. Join their mailing list for a free download of their excellent cover of Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them.” You can also watch the video below or listen to the song on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.







Galexi on the Deep Indie playlists