Saint Brown’s Uplifting Old-School Groove

Saint Brown is a talented guy. The Washington D.C. native has worked in radio and music promotion. He is a medical professional by day and in his free time he’s an actor and musician. The independent Hip-hop artist has worked as one half of the popular Conscience Media duo and currently records and performs as a solo artist. In all of the above he brings positive vibes and old-school grooves.

“S9: The EP” is the latest release from Saint Brown. The five song EP is a collection of the singles he has dropped over the past couple of years. The record is in many ways an ode to the Golden Age of Hip-hop. Brown pulls inspiration from his favorite styles of the 80’s and 90’s to create a new sort of old-school. He and a small crew of collaborators have put together a record that manages to sound fresh even as it revels in the retro.

I have an adoration for 90’s music because that was the last good era of hip hop to me. I make music that inspires and gives a moralistic approach to everyday topics that many people go through.

Saint Brown

“Take Me Back” opens the EP and in many ways works as a theme song for the record. With a 90’s House beat, 80’s style rap and a 70’s Funk bass/guitar/synth groove the song takes us back to some of the greatest eras of popular music. It’s a ton of fun, and Saint’s rhymes set exactly the right vibe as he chants, “Take us back. Record scratch on 80’s rap.” “Hate 2 Love U” is a melancholy 90’s R&B slow jam. Low piano chords and a downtempo beat set a chill mood. 

“Love Me Now” works as a response to the troubled relationship of the previous song. Guest vocalist Madison Willette delivers a soulful performance on both. She and Saint have resolved their issues on the latter song as they roll on a cool old-school Hip-hop beat and a nice Spanish guitar loop. 

On “Rap Luv Ballad” the rapper remembers his romantic mistakes and the lessons he’s learned as guest vocalist Torianna Gulis sings a soulful rendition of the 80’s Pop hit “I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight,” originally by the Cutting Crew. The record ends on “Everything You Need,” a cool mix of 90’s Pop, Rock, Hip-hop and R&B. Saint Brown and guest Maskerade trade verses over a cool guitar riff.

“S9: The EP” is a fun record with plenty of new sounds, nostalgia and positivity. Listen to it on Spotify. Check out the video for “Rap Luv Ballad,” below. You can also hear the song “Take Me Back” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Saint Brown and get in the loop on all of his current and future projects.






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