Lyric Fox’s Excellent Debut – Ouch! Life is Beautiful

Lyric Fox is a singer and songwriter from the San Francisco Bay area. The talented 22 year-old started out as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Later she received formal musical training, studying Music Business and Jazz Voice at Washington DC’s Howard University. On February 26, 2021 she made her professional debut with the exceptional 4-song EP, “Ouch! Life is Beautiful.”

From the first dreamy harmonies of “Hush,” it is obvious that we’re in for something special. As the song gradually flows into a mellow piano trio arrangement, with a deep soul and expert Jazz phrasing, Lyric delivers a philosophical meditation on the importance of living in the present and trusting one’s own instincts. That combination of mellow blues and empowering lyrics sets the tone for a record that simmers with a quiet strength.

“Foolproof” opens with a similar mellow Jazz vibe. Fox invokes both the sound and attitude of the great Billie Holiday as she sings, “I don’t mean to be bitter, but what you done to me is wrong on all levels.” She commences to express her distaste for fools who waste her time. As the song progresses it cleverly shifts gears into a classic 60’s Pop groove. 

Throughtout the record, both musically and vocally, Lyric freely mixes vintage Jazz, Pop and Doo-wop styles. The gorgeous “Monarch” is a poem about a young woman emerging triumphantly from her chrysalis, delivered in tones that bring to mind R&B and soulful Pop singers from Sade to Toni Braxton. The set closes on the cool and sexy “Midnight Magnolia.” In her now signature smooth style Lyric sings, “My minds filled up with things less than holy.” 

“Ouch! Life is Beautiful” is an quietly powerful debut from a multi-talented singer, songwriter and composer. Check it out, blow. You can also hear the song “Hush” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Lyric Fox and get in the know at the start of what is sure to be an exciting musical career.






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Lyric Fox
Lyric Fox