Ron Robinson’s New Latin Dance Jam

Ron Robinson

Ron Robinson may just be launching his solo career, but the accomplished songwriter and producer is no stranger to the music world. For years the Petersburg, Virginia native produced music and film for a wide variety of audiences. His work as an educator led him to produce audio and video products for children and families. He is also an award winning children’s author.

Robinson has written and produced music with collaborators around the world. He recorded a full-length CD with the group ‘A Touch of Charm’ titled “I Caught An Angel,” which sold more than 4,000 copies in Japan and received favorable reviews in numerous music publications. Ron has even created his own MoTown themed board game, called “Ron Robinson’s Can You Dig it?”

“Don’t Bring No Suitcase” is the debut solo release from Ron Robinson, released worldwide to all major streaming services on December 20, 2020. The track rides on a smooth Salsa/Son rhythm. A full Latin Jazz ensemble, complete with horns, lays down an infectious groove. Meanwhile guest vocalist Rudy Walker and rapper The Phenom deliver their ode to the single life, told from the male perspective. It’s a fun tune with a dance vibe that will keep your finger on the rewind button.

Check out, “Don’t Bring No Suitcase” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Rob Robinson and get in the loop as he embarks on this new journey.





Ron Robinson on the Deep Indie playlists