LennyDalux’s Trap For The Haters “No Talkin”

LennyDaLux is an up and coming Hip-hop artist based in Portland, Oregon. Originally born and raised in Moscow, Russia he came to the United States 20 years ago. He got his start musically when he was in college, rhyming and freestyling with friends. However, it is only recently that the rapper decided to dig more seriously into making his own music.

Since releasing his debut single “The Moment” earlier this year, LennyDalux has dropped a new track each month. That is a pattern he intends to continue for the foreseeable future. Stylistically he has a rapid-fire freestyle vibe that he sets to downtempo Trap beats. It’s a clean, unadulterated feel that showcases his impressive technique.

“No Talkin” is the latest single from LennyDalux, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 19, 2021. The track opens with an airy synth intro before the beat drops on a low and slow Trap groove. The Adrian Adonis produced track matches that chill beat with a piano/harp classical music loop. Meanwhile the emcee tells a tale of fake friends and haters trying to get in the way of his dreams. 

It is almost a commentary on friends/society changing on people as a result of social stigma and inherent selfish and self-centered nature of humans. As A$AP ROCKY said, “since when did it become not cool to try”. 


Check out “No Talkin” below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with LennyDalux and get in the loop on all of the new music this talented new artist has planned for the new year.






Lenny Dalux on the Deep Indie playlists