Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes – Falling Down But Gettin’ Better

Jimmy and the beautiful mistakes

Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes is the brainchild of Detroit native and Pittsburgh transplant, Jimmy Marino. The singer, songwriter and guitarist formed the four piece band in 2019 and they have been rocking western Pennsylvania ever since. With a classic Rock & Roll line up of guitar (Marino), bass (Cory Derringer), drums (Ben Skinner) and keys (Rick Manasa), they have a sound that finds inspiration in the great traditions of American music.

The band’s name and their music are of a theme. It is the story of human folly and redemption. We are flawed beings. We stumble through life, screwing up as often as we get things right. Most of us mean well. And contrary to the old aphorism, our good intentions are not paving the way to Hell. They’re just cutting a clumsy path to a better day. That is where Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes’ debut album “Gettin’ Better” comes in. Each of its 11 tracks is a tale of beautifully flawed human beings picking up the pieces of their failures and building something better.

From the opening track “Falling Down” to the closing title track, Marino sings of hangovers and broken hearts. He laments the evils of the world and his own shortcomings (“Red Wine on the Table,” “Sweet Misery”). However, with every turn of bad luck and in every dark cloud he ultimately finds a silver lining. Throughout the record he taps into that distinctly human ability to rise above our base instincts, never reaching perfection but constantly striving for it.

Musically, “Gettin’ Better” is a rich mix of musical styles. The band moves stylistically through the decades of popular music. Tracks like “Falling Down” and “Everything I Need” have a 90’s Alt Pop/Rock vibe. Slow melancholy ballads like “Red Wine on the Table” and “The Sound of Your Voice” dip their toes into a little bit of Country.

“Goodbye Cruel World” is built on a cool swampy blues riff. “What More Do You Want?” is a real high point with its Classic Rock verse and an infectious combination of killer guitar riffs and memorable vocal hooks in the chorus. On the philosophical dance track, “The DJ Fell Asleep,” they cut it up with a bit of late night bar band fun.

The band is exemplary throughout the record. Each player sets exactly the right tone, whether dropping psychedelic rock or an Americana ballad. Jimmy matches the Beautiful Mistakes with soulful vocals and skilled, versatile guitar playing. The album has the natural, live feel of a veteran Rock & Roll band playing at the top of their game.

Check out “Gettin’ Better” below. You can also hear “What More Do You Want?” on the Deep Indie Dive. Follow the links below to connect with Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes. Get in the loop on all of their current and future projects.

We hope our music speaks to you wherever you are in your life whether is a time of happiness or sorrow or contentment. Remember every mistake can become something beautiful if you let it.

Jimmy and the Beautiful Mistakes

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