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Immortal Tax Evader is the professional name of multi-instrumentalist Rock musician, songwriter and producer Patrick Devine. A native of Lexington, Kentucky, he has been making music for the better part of a decade. The multifaceted artist’s list of influences spans the spectrum of Rock & Roll. They include everyone from Sepultura to Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath to Jimi Hendrix. Playing all the instruments himself, in 2020 Devine began releasing his own brand of guitar-fueled Rock & Roll.

Astrofetishist” is the latest single from Immortal Tax Evader. The track is a perfect fusion of Patrick’s varied musical inspirations. The song opens with an Alice in Chains-style Grunge intro and then quickly shifts into Megadeth-worthy Speed Metal guitar shredding. As the track progresses, the versatile musician mixes a James Hetfield (Metallica) howl with hard hitting and rhythmic Pantera-esque groove. 

Layers of harmonized guitar riffs create a hypnotic Rock tapestry. They play off of the drums, creating intricate syncopated rhythms and sub-rhythms. It is a wild sound and executed with virtuosic perfection. Meanwhile the singer mixes psychedelic lyrical imagery with Heavy Metal attitude.

Check out “Astrofetishist” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Patrick Devine will continue to release more Immortal Tax Evader music for the foreseeable future, with plans to eventually expand his roster to include other musicians and dive even deeper into his sonic experimentations. Follow the links below to connect with this exciting new talent. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from Immortal Tax Evader.






Immortal Tax Evader on the Deep Indie playlists

immortal tax evader