S.m.S. Visits Earth To Challenge The Status Quo


Aliens are among us and they’re making Trap music. At least, that’s what one of them is up to. S.m.S. is an independent rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and Area 51 escapee. Remaining anonymous for the time being as he formulates his message to humanity, the multi-talented extra-terrestrial is bringing positivity to a negative world.

The prolific Pleiadean debuted just last year. However, in that short time he has already produced a sizable catalog of work. To date he has released the 8 song collection “Welcome to Earth,” two shorter EPs and a brand new single. In the process he has connected with Earthlings across the globe. For instance, on Spotify he has seen over 20,000 listeners in the past month alone.

“Status Quo” is the latest stand-alone single from S.m.S. The track opens with ambient synths and lo-fi percussion. Soon a Trap beat drops and S.m.S. cuts into a smooth Hip-hop verse. As the song progresses the singer slides into a Rock-inspired chorus and then some soulful R&B vibes. Meanwhile the beat builds and contracts to include syncopated analog and electronic percussion. Strings and synths extend into the horizon and give the mix a dramatic, cinematic feel. It’s a great sound.

Check out “Status Quo” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with S.m.S. Get on board his alien ride before the mothership comes and takes him back to his home planet.






S.m.S. on the Deep Indie playlists