Liberty_C’s Empowering – Free To Be Me

We first heard from Liberty_C in January upon the release of her uplifting single “Time to Grow.” She is the alter-ego of Austrian singer/songwriter, Katja Cruz. Cruz is an artistic and theatrical soul with an aesthetic that is one part Broadway and the other, Greenwich Village. In reality, Katja’s home is an ocean away from the streets of Manhattan. In her own historically artistic hometown of Graz, Austria, Katja created Liberty_C, a beacon of positivity and self-esteem. 

“Free to be Me” is the debut album from Liberty_C, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 26, 2021. The 11 song collection is 36 minutes of inspiring, life affirming and soulful Pop and R&B music. Throughout the album, the singer embraces her own innate theatrical nature. And that is the whole point, to embrace our inner selves. As Katja sings on the uplifting title track, “I’ve come a long long way, and now I’m here to say I am free to be me.”

Musically the album has a lot of fun sliding between different classic eras of Pop music. From the theatrical opener to the feel good 70’s Pop and Disco grooves of songs like “I’m Enough” and “Sweet Ecstasy,” the record takes inspiration from decades of popular music. “Let’s Celebrate Love” blends a little Oldies Rock with 80’s Pop, while “Luck” builds to an anthemic peak from a simple Hip-hop beat. “Love You” starts as a simple and touching piano ballad but then builds to a lush orchestral and choral arrangement. It is a beautiful production, with each stylistic curve intentionally placed and expertly executed.

Lyrically, Liberty_C takes us on a feel good ride through all the right emotions. This record is all about living a life of healthy and loving relationships, with those around us and with ourselves. She lets us know that we are “Superheroes,” we are complete. It’s like therapy but with way better music. We ride smiling together through funk grooves, show tunes and smoky ballads, and we know there are better days ahead.

Check out the “Free to Be Me” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. “I Am Complete” can be found on the Deep Indie Songwriters. Or listen to the entire album below the video. Follow the links below to connect with Liberty_C, and get positive.






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