Gr4vty’s Uplifting “Please, Raise Your Hands”

GR4VTY is a Belgian music producer making his debut in 2021 with the brand new single “Please, Raise Your Hands.” Although the April 8th release is the artist’s first, he is by no means a stranger to music. With classical training as a youth and a lifelong love affair with audio gear, music has always been a big part of his life. 

However, it wasn’t until the unprecedented events of 2020 that he began to take his art seriously. Music composition and production became a coping mechanism to keep his spirits up. Throughout last year he honed his skills and threw himself into the world of electronic music. He dove deeply into 80s Synthwave and Eurodance, Trance, Techno and Raw Hardstyle. As an artist he molds all of these traditions and others into a wildly creative sound.

“Please, Raise Their Hands” opens on a vintage 8bit synth playing a swinging melody. Soon an old movie quote of a proper Englishman enters the mix and gives the track its title and theme, “Will all who wish to die, please raise their hands.” GR4VTY reacts to the absurd quote with a quirky and fun dance tune. The beat builds to an uplifting House groove with elements Techno, Synthwave and Deep House. Vintage synths carry the song’s infectious melody as ambient synths and ancillary percussion paint the edges of the mix.

It’s a cool uplifting tune with a good dose of comedy. Check out “Please, Raise Their Hands” below. You can also hear the tune on the Deep Indie Dance playlist. Follow the links below to connect with GR4VTY and all of the music he has planned for the future.






Grvty on the Deep Indie playlists