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Sunlight Brewing Company

Sunlight Brewing Company is a musical and cultural revolution in the making. They are a band and a company with a three pronged mission; make great music, make great beer and open groovy live music venues. At the heart of the entire operation is multi-instrumentalist songwriter, beer maker and budding entrepreneur Matt Cote. 

Our goal is to build an inclusive community of people who love live music, great beer, and positive, shared experiences.

Matt Cote

With the support of fans and friends, the Providence, Rhode Island musician is seeing his farout empire gradually take form. As Cote and crew formulate plans for the brewery and club, they have taken the first step with the debut Sunlight Brewing Company album “Live From Our Living Room,” released worldwide to all major streaming services on April 10, 2021.

Created by Cote and producer John Phelps, the six song collection takes its cues from Indie Rockers and Psychedelic heroes from across the decades. It’s a cool, exploratory vibe that slides smoothly between Grateful Dead style jams to Pavement-esque lo-fi Alternative moods.  The album’s current single, “LSD” is an appropriately titled audio acid trip featuring a low rumbling groove, analog synths and layers of Cote’s delay-soaked and fuzz tone guitar stylings.

Bringing to mind the great “Ummagumma” and “Meddle” space jams from Pink Floyd’s early years, “LSD” is a beautiful hallucination. The song is almost entirely instrumental with the exception of a wonderfully esoteric philosophical monologue that ends with, “Maybe I am just a soul who has gotten too comfortable with the idea that this body is my own to control.” LSD indeed.

Check out the “LSD” video below, which alternates between the song’s recording process and some fabulously trippy visuals. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. And follow the links below to dig into the entire Sunlight Brewing Company scene. Start with their excellent new album, and then keep digging.  






Sunlight Brewing Company on the Deep Indie playlists

Matt Cote - Sunlight Brewing Company
Matt Cote