Angelord’s New Serenity Born Out Of Chaos


Angelord is a creative team consisting of three composers who have spent the past eight years making music together. Originally from Iran, the trio recently relocated to Germany and set up shop as Angelord. They made their debut on April 1st, 2021 with the launch of a YouTube channel dedicated to their uniquely beautiful brand of relaxation music.

Despite their very recent launch, the team already counts their videos’ streaming numbers in the thousands. To date they have released a series of six videos featuring serene visuals and soothing instrumental music. Each track in the collection is over 8 hours long and is designed specifically to facilitate a restful night’s sleep. With titles like “Rest Peace,” “Repose Chill” and “Sweet Doze,” the talented trio have created the perfect soundtrack for your journey into blissful sleep.

Although much of the music is composed and performed on piano, many of the tracks incorporate other soothing sounds as well. With the smooth tones of flutes, harps and ambient synths the Angelord team creates beautifully atmospheric soundscapes. In many ways the music is a response to the chaos of our modern world. The recording project was born as a result of the musicians’ inability to perform live due to the worldwide COVID pandemic. They chose this style of music as an escape from the many problems plaguing our society.

We want the world to be a calmer and better place in every way. And with our own art, we want to be part of this peace. 


Listen to the entire “Purple Angel” album from Angelord below. And follow the links below the video to connect with the artists. Get on their socials and subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay in the loop on all of their current and future releases. Relax, sleep well and listen to Angelord.

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