Lazylove1960ss’ New Lo-Fi Dream Pop Ghosts


Lazylove1960ss is a 22 year-old independent singer/songwriter. The South Carolina native has been making original music for the past 5 years. In that time they have released a series of singles exploring the realms of Indie Folk, Rock and Dream Pop. Growing up, the singer was heavily influenced by the beautiful, ethereal sounds of Hope Sandoval and her 90s Alternative Rock/Dream Pop band Mazzy Star. They were best known for the hit “Fade into You,” however they made a series of influential albums.

“There A Ghost (Acoustic)” is the latest single from Lazylove1960ss, released worldwide to all major streaming platforms on April 14, 2021. It is the second release from the artist this year after the experimental electronic track “I Bring Hell.” In a complete shift of gears, the new single is a haunting bit of Lo-fi acoustic Indie-Pop. 

Over a lazily strummed acoustic guitar, Lazylove1960ss delivers almost whispered vocals riffing on the theme referred to in the title. Audible apparitions pass through the mix. In the distance we hear a mostly indecipherable telephone conversation. In a recurring refrain the singer repeats the brilliant line, “The dead are driving me crazy.” This is the type of hypnotic tune you put on repeat and get lost in its vibe for a few minutes.

Check out “There A Ghost” below. You can also hear the song on both the Deep Indie Songwriters and the Deep Indie Chill playlists. Follow the links below to connect with Lazylove1960ss. Get on their socials and stay up to date on all their future work.






Lazylove1960ss on the Deep Indie playlists