Michael Livschitz’s Hypnotic Cinematic Scenes

Michael Livschitz is a classical music composer and author from Munich, Germany. He debuted his unique brand of cinematic piano based instrumental music in 2020. As a young artist growing up he was inspired by the giants of movie music. Composers like Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer and John Williams shaped his sound and guided his path forward as a musician.

After releasing a series of singles in 2020 and early this year, Michael Livschitz delivered his debut album “Shades of the Moon” on April 18, 2021. The ten song collection showcases Michael’s distinctive compositional style. His music features complex melodic structures performed on piano with other electronic sounds often playing in unison with minimal accompaniment. His music is composed as a wordless narrative, telling epic melodic tales.

I pay special attention to melody, so that the music can touch the listener and not leave him or her indifferent. 

Michael Livschitz

From the opening track “When Broken Hearts are Silent” to the final notes of “Touch of Night,” Livschitz creates a hypnotic sound. The music on “Shades of the Moon” flows smoothly from one piece to the next, setting a relaxing and meditative scene. “Farewell in the Rain” is the second song of the album and was one of the artist’s early singles. You can hear its haunting melody on the Deep Indie Chill playlist.

Listen to “Shadows of the Moon” below. And follow the links below the video to connect with Michael Livschitz. Get on his socials and join him as he embarks on this new music journey.






Michael Livschitz on the Deep Indie playlists

Michael Livschitz