Raj tha Bartender is Relaxin’ and Enjoyin’ Life

Raj tha Bartender is a rapper, songwriter, YouTuber and bartender from the Pittsburgh, PA area. His channel features drink reviews, recipes and how-to videos for all flavors of booze enthusiasts. Each video features the upbeat and positive Raj delivering his take on the drink of the day.

When Raj is not behind the bar he is dropping them on his own original Hip-hop tunes. “Relaxin’ and Enjoyin’ Life” is a sort of theme song for the rapper. Originally recorded three years ago, he recently re-released it as a video on his channel. The timing couldn’t be better. The track reminds us that life is good as we slowly recover from a hellish year.

“Relaxin’ and Enjoyin’ Life” is an Alternative Hip-hop track with a smooth Chill-hop groove. The sound harkens back to the laid back early 90’s Jazz rap of artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and the Jungle Brothers. A chill, old-school breakbeat rhythm plays as a mellow piano noodles in the background. Raj Tha Bartender enters the mix with a cool, laid back flow. Like a Hip-hop meditation guru, the emcee rides that Boom Bap groove with an ode to taking it easy. It’s the perfect vibe for a chill summer day.

I was battling depression and just looking for my purpose in life. I spent hours crafting and rewriting the song because I wanted to make sure everything I was saying had meaning and came from the soul.

Raj tha Bartender

Check out “Relaxin’ and Enjoyin’ Life” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Raj Tha Bartender. Get on his socials and subscribe to his YouTube channel as he serves up more good vibes for happier times.

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