Nagaari’s New Synthwave Sci-Fi Adventure

Nagaari is the professional name of Sarath Ramadurgam, an independent multi-genre music producer from San Francisco, California. The EDM composer began his professional musical journey in 2017 with the release of the single “Arya.” Over the next 4 years he dropped a series of successful solo tracks and collaborations. For his first release of 2021 Nagaari delivers his debut EP “91D.” Not only is it his first multi-track release, the record is also his inaugural adventure into the world of Synthwave.

Inspired by sci-fi movies and music of the 80s, I wanted to compose something very cinematic and epic while capturing some of the nostalgia inherent to the synthwave/chillwave genre. The result of this journey is 91D.


No backstory accompanies the record. However, these instrumental tracks have such an emotional and cinematic sound that the listener will want to create movie scenes to accompany them. The opening credits roll through the slow build of “1920.” Nagaari sets the stage for an epic adventure and  builds a world as an airy disembodied female voice delivers a wordless narration over percussive electronics and ambient synths.

As we move through the record, Nagaari incorporates familiar 80’s inspired sounds and compositional themes. From the extended solo of “In Memory” to the action/adventure vibe of “Superhero” he presents classic tropes with creative, unique and exciting flair. The emotionally powerful “Lost” is a real highpoint. The producer mixes analog sounds alongside the otherwise entirely electronic arrangement as a female voice reads a poem about humanity’s search for the safety and comfort of home. 

His use of samples and found sounds is subtle but recurrent throughout the EP. The record ends with the synth-y psychedelia of “Portal.” Once again Nagaari marries the analog to the digital with the tick-tock of an analog clock. Hollywood-level drama ensues as the song builds to a powerful emotional peak. The track feels like the score to our imaginary movie’s emotional climax as the lost traveler returns home. 

Check out the entire “91D ” EP below. You can also hear the track “Lost” on the Deep Indie Chill playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Nagaari. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented artist on the rise.






Nagaari on the Deep Indie playlists