LiL Moke’s Dark Emo Trap “Substance Abuse”

LiL Moke

Lil Moke is the professional name of emerging Hip-hop artist Milo Dimes. The San Francisco Bay area rapper has been dropping his original Hip-Hop and R&B tunes on SoundCloud for the past five years. His songs mix musical genres from across the spectrum of popular music. He pairs Rock & Roll guitars with Hip-hop tracks and rhymes over old-school Boom Bap breakbeats and modern Trap grooves. To date the prolific emcee has released dozens of songs and he shows no signs of slowing down. With over 77 tracks dropped to date, the prolific emcee has a little something for every Hip-hop fan.

“Substance Abuse” is a recent single from LiL Moke, released exclusively to SoundCloud. The track deals with hard truths and some rough times from the young artist’s own life. It opens with a dark and mellow minor-key Alternative Rock guitar riff. Soon a low, droning bass and dramatic ambient keys join the mix. Over a slow and low Trap groove, LiL Moke delivers a confessional Emo rap about the haze of drug use, substance abuse and addiction. He chronicles the devastation that partying has brought to his love life, finances and health. It is an emotional and deeply personal track delivered by a talented rapper with some smart and powerful lyrics.

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