Adi Rao’s New “Rain Song” Brings Out The Crazies

adi rao

Adi Rao is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning singer, songwriter and composer with a sound equally influenced by both his Eastern and Western roots. Born in India, raised in Pittsburgh and self-transplanted first to Los Angeles and then to the American Southwest’s musical mecca of Austin, Texas, he has earned accolades on multiple continents. He first rose to prominence in 2013 after winning India’s prestigious State Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts and then again in 2015 when he took home the prize for Best Debut Artist. 

Classically-trained in traditional Indian Carnatic vocals since childhood, Adi has developed a unique and fluid sound that seamlessly blends Eastern and Western musical styles. He has performed for Prime Ministers, Presidents and for a packed stadium of 50,000 attendees. He has worked extensively in film, performing on soundtracks in both Hollywood and Bollywood and is the leading voice on the soundtrack of the film “Beauty in the Broken.” Rao has even sung as a chorus member for major stars like; Billie Eilish, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Camila Cabello, and Carlos Santana.

Rain Song” is the latest single from Adi Rao, released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 28, 2021. With elements of Jazz, Pop and Trip-hop the song rolls on a mellow vibe of ambient synths and percussive electronics. Its smooth downtempo groove and Adi’s soulful tenor bring to mind the Jazz/Pop/Soul of artists like Seal and the legendary Sade. Throughout the track he paints the edges of the mix with lush, expertly executed harmonies. It is a hypnotic and ethereal sound that fits the mood of the lyric perfectly. Rao sings of the potential for lunacy hiding just beneath the composed façade of each of us.

My wife was in a cab in NYC. People were helter-skelter, trying to figure themselves out. She FaceTimed me and said “the rain brings out the crazies!” And that’s where it all began. Rain Song explores and acknowledges the unique experiences and crazies within all of us.

Adi Rao

Check out the video for “Rain Song” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with Adi Rao. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this gifted singer and songwriter. And stay tuned for his debut solo album due later this year.

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