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WVN (pronounced ‘wan’) is the professional name of up and coming Hip-hop artist, Camry Rucker. Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, Rucker made her debut as a solo artist in 2019 with the single “Real Luv.” Since then the prolific rapper has dropped a steady stream of new music including two EPs.

“Melodramatics” is the most recent record from WVN. Released late in 2020, the seven song collection finds the rapper telling the story of her coming of age and finding her unique place in the world of Hip-hop. With a fresh sound that mixes deep Southern vibes with old-school Hip-hop, modern Trap and classic R&B, she drops smart rhymes with clever wordplay and powerful messages of perseverance in the face of hardship and interpersonal struggles.

The record opens with the nostalgic track, “Memorabilia.” Over a classic 1970’s Soul groove she recounts stories of her young life in SC. It’s a personal tale of the hard times she faced coming up. Throughout the album, WVN explores various subgenres of Hip-hop in her beats while maintaining a laid back Southern groove. For example, on the single “Stutter” she pairs a bit of Spanish guitar with the low booming bass and downtempo beat of a classic Dirty South groove. Lyrically she drops bars of witty wordplay and insight commentary with lines like, “I can’t follow the leader cuz all the leaders are lost.”

The stylistic experimentation continues on tracks like the sexy Hip-hop slow jam, “Yea Yea.” WVN mixes soulful backing vocals and harp music as she rhymes about a night she has planned with her girl. The romance is less certain on “Real Luv,” a Jazz guitar tale of love’s confusion. “Trill Life” is a heartbreaking remembrance of a lost friend over a Trap beat with psychedelic Blues guitar vibes. She revisits the 70’s soul groove on “Interlude” which features the rapper throwing shout-outs to the friends and family who helped her come up. The record ends on “Picture Me,” a cool hard rap riding on an old-school breakbeat.

“Memorabilia” is a smart and creative Hip-hop record from a talented young rapper. Check out the video for “Stutter” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to get on her socials and get connected to WVN

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