Electric85 Find The New 4th State Of Mind


Electric85 is the musical collaboration of Ian Piña and Kent Worthington. Drawing influence from Disco, Pop, Rock and Dance, their aim is to create a vibe with no constraints. Born out of the isolation of 2020 lockdowns, the project is officially based in Seattle, Washington. However, it is really an international affair. The two musicians recruited collaborators from as far away as Europe for their musical escape. In short order the group produced two four-track EPs, “Spacewoman” and “Haze of Summer.”

The duo is returning in 2021 with a brand new full length album. “Oceans Away” will be released worldwide to all major streaming services on June 25. In the interim, they have released an advance single on BandCamp. “4th State of Mind ” is exactly the sort of dreamy, lowkey funk jam that its title suggests. The song rolls on a mellow but driving beat, mixing organic and electronic sources to create a chilled hypnagogic mood.

As the Deep House beat drives forward it is met by a laid back Funk bass. Psychedelic guitars and trippy overlapping vocal harmonies create the perfect ethereal vibe in which the lead vocalist delivers his meditation on time, space and states of mind. Its a great groove with some excellent musicianship including a particularly nice Jazz guitar solo.

Watch the nail bitingly awesome skateboard video for “4th State of Mind” below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Electric85. Get on their profiles and website to get in the loop on all the great music to come, including the new album “Oceans Away” due Friday, June 25, 2021.

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