HoodLife Muzik’s Powerful ‘Imagine Being Black’

HoodLife Muzik is an independent Hip-hop artist from Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A lifelong musician, he got his start rapping when he was just 8 years-old. Influenced by musical family members, he took up the mic and never put it down. In the years that followed, the songwriter and producer created a deep back catalog of music. Then he hit the reset button and relaunched his career under his own record label, Black Nation Global.

In 2019 HoodLife Muzik re-debuted with a series of singles. Last year he dropped the ten track full length album “God Like Chpt1: Bigga Me.” His songs have made an impact with Hip-hop fans across the globe. Tracks like “Moonlight,” “Love Effect-88” and “Home” count their spins in the tens of thousands. The rapper is coming at 2021 with energy and purpose, releasing 5 singles so far this year. His latest carries a message inspired directly by the realities of our modern world.

“Imagine Being Black” is the new single from HoodLife Muzik, released worldwide to all major streaming services on May 16, 2021. The song is a real, unfiltered and heartbreaking account of life in America for a young black man. Without judgement or accusation, the rapper simply invites the audience to imagine what it would be like to live in his shoes, or those of others in his community.

A low bass and a soulful minor-key piano chord progression play over a chill downtempo Boom Bap beat. Meanwhile, HoodLife Muzik delivers a series of scenarios for listeners to ponder. Imagine being a black man, a black girl or a black parent. There is no escaping the reality of lines like, “The whole world against me when I look in the mirror.” The song is a somber plea for empathy. If you don’t have to imagine, then you already get it. But if you haven’t walked his walk… then listen, and learn.

Check out “Imagine Being Black” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with HoodLife Muzik. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented and thought-provoking artist.

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