Mystic Levello’s New Look At The Real You

In 2020 Mystic Levello embarked on a musical journey producing a series of introspective, insightful and spiritual covers and originals. With a fluid and timeless sound, his songs range from the sweeping and cinematic to the intimate acoustic. The common theme that runs through his repertoire is an inquisitive nature that seeks to understand the human condition and humanity’s place in the universe.

Since his debut single “This Old Guitar,” Mystic Levello has released nearly a dozen songs and his music has connected with hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple platforms. One of his earliest singles was the song “Here comes the Real You.” The song identifies that moment when a person’s true nature is revealed and all pretense fades away. 

This song is about that specific moment in time, when the revelation happens. When the “real person” behind the mask is revealed. 

Mystic Levello

“Here Comes the Real You (Redux)” is a new, reimagined take on the song. The original version was a big spacious production with swirling synths and a dramatic U2-style drum and guitar build. ‘Redux’ strips the song down to its barest essentials. In the past Mystic Levello has shown a penchant for 70’s era songwriters, as on his cover “Yesterday, When I was Young.” Here he returns to that vibe with a mellow, understated production that brings to mind the sound of great Pop/Folk singers of that era like Harry Nilsson and Jim Croce.

Check out “Here Comes the Real You (Redux)” above. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Songwriters playlist. Follow the links below to connect with Mystic Levello. Join him on his musical and philosophical search for answers.

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