Gerry Ogbonna’s Hot New Jams & Big Plans

Gerry Ogbonna

Gerry Ogbonna is a beatmaker, producer, composer and entrepreneur based in Wichita, Kansas. As an independent producer Gerry works with singers and rappers around the world and in multiple genres. He has launched his own record label/production company called ‘GerryOBiz’ as a vehicle for his many creative projects. In 2020 he began releasing a series of solo tracks and collaborations, with five new singles released so far this year. The prolific producer has already created an impressive volume of work, and he is just getting started.

I’m on a mission to build a team of talented driven individuals. GerryOBiz is my personal business/ label where I produce, organize and construct everything from scratch.

Gerry Ogbonna

The most recent tracks from Gerry Ogbonna work together as an excellent example of his broad stylistic range. Throughout the course of the past few months he has collaborated with a trio of artists to create a cool mix of Rap and R&B jams. The playlist below highlights his versatility while clearly defining his signature sound. Chill Hip-hop beats meet atmospheric backing tracks to create a lush and often cinematic vibe.

“Bezerk” rides on a hard Trap beat and features an excellent performance from South Carolina rapper ChrisJenkins . Dark, minor-key chords float on the edges of the mix while cool 8-bit Glitch synths add some wild percussive and melodic flavor. On “Affection,” Gerry’s collaboration with singer Sam Heavens, he takes a turn into smooth R&B/Electro-Pop. Ambient synths float on the periphery as Sam delivers a soulful vocal on this chilled-out love song. The track rolls on a smooth Hip-hop shuffle beat while mellow analog synths add a psychedelic flare.

On the final three tracks Gerry Ogbonna works with the multi-talented singer and rapper XoDrew. “Break Us” and “Cold Hearted” are two downtempo Trap slow jams that look at the opposite ends of a love affair. Ethereal guitars and synths create a mellow mood on the laid-back “Break Us” as XoDrew sings of his devotion to his lady. On “Cold Hearted,” things have gone bad. He looks back at a broken love and let’s his girl know, “I’m cold hearted, cuz of you.” “Turn Into Mine” closes out the collection. The song opens on a dramatic piano ballad. However, soon the beat drops and the track turns into a low and slow Trap groove featuring Ogbonna’s signature ambient vibes as the singer flows easily between R&B soul and melodic rap.

Check out Gerry Ogbonna’s latest tracks below. You can also hear the songs “Bezerk” and “Turn Into Mine” on the Deep Indie Beat playlist. Follow the links below to connect with the artist. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the new music to come from this multi-talented artist and producer.

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