Davy Williamson’s New Rocker “Same Place”

davy williamson

We first heard from Davy Williamson upon the release of his song “Thin Disguise.” The track was the first single from his EP “Down By The Fire,” released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 12, 2021. The eight song collection represents the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer’s return to original Rock & Roll after a years-long hiatus. 

Born in Florida and raised in North Carolina, Davy Williamson began his musical career in 1996 when he joined the Indy Rock band, Emilio 5. In 1998 he formed the Alternative Rock group Third Class Passenger and went on to lead the band for the next 6 years. A gig as the frontman of the North Carolina Punk group Ma Shot Pa soon followed. Now living in the Virgin Islands, Davy has rebooted his music career as a solo artist, mixing the 90’s Alt-Rock of his past with modern production of today.

“Same Place” is the latest single from Davy Williamson’s debut EP. From the first kick drum hit, the record Pops with Rock energy. The track delivers Emo vibes set to a complex Prog-rock arrangement while still maintaining an infectiously catchy Power Pop hook. The song features excellent playing throughout, with an airtight rhythm section and a wall of guitars alternating between intricate layers of melodic picking and gut-punch power chords. All of the above is performed by Williamson himself.  

Check out “Same Place” below. You can also hear the track on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. “Down by the Fire” was co-produced by Williamson and Shawn Adkins of Back-A-Round Records. Adkins and Steve Hardy handled mixing duties while mastering was done by Andy Vandette. Follow the links below to connect with Davy Williamson. Get on his profiles and get in the loop on all of the music to come from this deeply talented artist.

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