Ooh my Ann Presents The Beautiful & Macabre

ooh my ann

Ooh my Ann is the Electro-industrial musical project from Finnish musician, Rottalaulaja. The singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer has worked on numerous musical projects of various genres over the last two decades. His latest song and music video project combines his love of hard Electro music with his interest in statues, street performers and living statues.

“Älä jätä meitä” is the brand new song and video from Ooh my Ann. The track opens on ambient synths and deep Goth vocal and percussion vibes. However, by the :45 mark the song explodes into a hard and fast Industrial Metal groove. A pounding White Zombie-style drum and power-chord guitar assault drives the song forward as ethereal choral vocals float on the periphery. The diabolical lead vocal serves as a guttural reflection of the song’s aggressive attack.

As the track progresses the sound grows exponentially with more guitars, more drums, more keys and more vocals entering the mix. Throughout the song there are creative stylistic twists, like the occasional Synthwave riff or Gregorian chant interlude. The single is paired with a visually striking video which, like the song itself, blends conflicting images together into one emotionally complex scene. The beautiful and macabre are intertwined as a living statue alternately assembles and disassembles a group of mannequins.

Check out the “Älä jätä meitä” video below. Follow the links below the video to connect with Ooh my Ann and Rottalaulaja. Get on his socials and YouTube channel, and get in the loop on all of the many creative projects from this talented and versatile artist.

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