DZirè’s Dark & Soulful Love Train


DZirè is the professional name of independent Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist producer Desiree Cameron. The Melbourne, Australia artist specializes in a dark and soulful brand of Alternative music. In August of this year she made her debut as DZirè with the re-release of her EP “Love Train.” She originally published the record in 2017 as ‘Dessie.’ 

The four song collection introduces a gifted young singer and songwriter. Hers is a broad and dramatic sound that lives in a sort of film-noir Trip-hop space. Even amidst a relatively sparse arrangement throughout, these songs take on a cinematic quality. That is due in large part to raw emotion, impeccable technique and theatrical flare of the lady at center stage.

Morphine” is the EP’s current single, and an excellent vehicle to showcase a slice of the DZirè motif. The song opens on a deep synth bed as the singer delivers the prologue. Soon a shuffling downtempo beat enters the mix and the scene changes. We find DZirè singing a tale of love, drugs, jealousy, obsession and murder over a swampy groove. The track simmers in a deep R&B voodoo stew. Sleepy piano and horn riffs join a string arrangement to expand the periphery as the singer’s Jazz-infused, deep Blues vocal performance gives the song a cool Amy Winehouse meets Portishead vibe. 

Throughout the “Love Train” EP DZirè pairs her timelessly soulful vocals with a musical soundscape that marries the past with the present to create a brand new groove. From the chill retro/Chamber Pop of the title track to the Cowboy/Hip-hop Blues of “Bullet for My Back,” she transforms the familiar into her own distinctive sound. The record ends on the post-breakup tear-jerker “I Will Say it Now.” It’s Blues with a dose of Broadway Pop delivered by a singer with the chops to pull them both off with class.

The newly reissued EP is set to open DZirè up to a wider global audience in advance of the brand new record she is preparing for release. It also serves to introduce the artist’s new entrepreneurial endeavor which she hopes will help fellow independent artists navigate the waters of this new 21st century music business.

My passion for music comes from a vision I have to create not only amazing content but to help others reach their potential by unlocking their artistic creativity. This vision was the driver for me to create Dzirè Music. A business focusing on helping artists developing alternative musical content and refining it for market.


Check out the “Love Train” EP in its entirety below or listen on your favorite streaming service. You can also hear “Morphine” on the Deep Indie Dive playlist. Follow the links below the video to connect with DZirè. Get on her socials. While you’re there, check out the incredible live video performances she posts on FB, like this excellent rendition of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here.” And get in the loop on all of current and future projects from this multifaceted artist.

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