E.Fixed & Picazo Rhap Drop The New ‘Feel Yourself’


E.Fixed is the professional name of singer, songwriter and performer Edison Gaye. Now based in Nigeria, the 24 year-old native of Liberia grew up determined to make it in the music industry. It was a dream that many viewed as foolish as many in his home country struggled just to survive. However, through hard work and determination the young artist is beginning to see his dreams realized. 

In 2019, E.Fixed debuted his unique Afrobeat sound with the single “Hustler.” He followed with “Honey” a year later. “Feel Yourself” is the latest single and video from E.Fixed, released worldwide to all major streaming services on March 11, 2021. Once again the talented artist serves up a mellow and positive vibe featuring his signature mix of Afropop, R&B and Hip-hop. 

The track rolls on a chilled downtempo groove. Smooth bass tones meet a soft distance piano as ambient synths float on the periphery. E.Fixed and guest vocalist Picazo Rhap trade verses over a laid-back dance beat. The song’s video features the two singers digging their own vibes as they entertain a series of beautiful young women. It’s a fantastic groove, steeped in the traditions of West African music and Afropop.

Check out the “Feel Yourself” video below. You can also hear the song on the Deep Indie Beat playlist, or listen on your favorite streaming service. Follow the links below to connect with E.Fixed. Get on his socials and get in the loop on all of the current and future projects from this talented young artist. And keep an eye out for his upcoming debut EP, due later this year.

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