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Whiplash PR – Let’s get ‘Down & Dirty’ with our PR quickie


Whiplash PR started two decades ago… why? I got bored in the corporate world selling radio time for ABC Radio. Made lots of money, had the company car etc. But, it was not serving my needs. It was also when I realized the music business is not about music, it’s about money and access to the editors, publishers, critics, music directors. I knew I wanted to use my big mouth to fight for the underdogs, the artists and musicians. Whiplash was born having worked with well over 7,000 bands now internationally. And… we still love it!

“THE DOWN & DIRTY” is an affordable, extremely targeted press campaign that we launched last year to rave results and reviews. Please feel free to call me anytime to discuss press and what it does and doesn’t do. The ins and outs of where to spend time and where not to.

Whiplash is a force to be reckoned with in the best way possible! , they are thorough, precise, and will never waste your time. We are about to do our 3rd “Down n’ Dirty”.

The Whiplash team were true champions of my album. It was reviewed by writers and zines who wouldn’t have known about the record without them. No frills, informal but very effective.
David Brookings

“That quote about well-behaved women rarely making history? That’s Rhonda. You’ll want to tone her down, but don’t. Just sit back and watch how she gets it done. The “Down & Dirty” was so satisfying that we signed up for another”
The Rhythm Bullies

Contact Whiplash PR

Rockergirl363@aol.com / 781-545-1301
Website: https://whiplashprandmanagement.com


Rhonda Kelley

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